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10 Reasons to use Cutlery Hospital

1. Expertise

Our skilled craftsmen have over 300+ years experience in the manufacture, refurbishment and repairs of all kinds of cutlery

2. Hand finishing

No automatic multi-polishing machines, which can remove pattern definition – all our work is carried out by hand.

3. Quality plating

All items are electro-plated with 99.9% pure silver to our highest specification.

4. Superior quality control

Our craftsmen (& women) constantly monitor the quality of work at every stage. Extra attention is paid immediately prior to plating and again before despatch back to you.

5. Customer care

We endeavour to give first class customer service from beginning to end, handling your cutlery as if it were our own.

6. Price

We cannot guarantee to be the cheapest, but we do guarantee to do the work properly and our aim is always to be the best.

7. Satisfaction guaranteed

In the very unlikely event that you are unhappy with our work or service, return it to us within seven days unused with an explanation and we will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible to your complete satisfaction.

8. Security

Our factory is fully alarmed, your goods insured + all sterling silver is kept locked overnight in a secure vault.

9. Replacement service

If you have some pieces of your set missing, we will endeavour to find re-placement pieces that match as closely as possible. Receive a 10% discount if ordered together with a cutlery repair order.

10. Recycling

Not only is this environmentally friendly- saving on energy demanding metal refining, but is also extremely cost-effective, being much more reasonable than buying new.