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So how does it work?

Please send at least one photo of the repair BEFORE you send any items to enable us to quote for the work. Once your item is received it is first carefully inspected, repaired and finished by hand, so the original detail and beauty of your cutlery is not lost, but restored to its original beauty.

The process



In the case of damaged Creamhandled knives our skilled Cutlers* replace the handles with new dishwasher safe cream or black handles.

*Did you know that in Sheffield Cutlers only work on knives & things that “cut”. Traditionally they don’t work on spoon & forks – that was called “flatware” & it is only recently that the term Cutlery has become an inclusive term for knives, forks & spoons.



Old rusted or broken carbon steel blades are carefully replaced with new martensitic stainless steel blades (contains more carbon for a better cutting edge).



For replating all the preparatory work like straightening & levelling fork prongs*, is done before removing the old plate and then buffing & polishing each piece by hand, much as they were originally.


Quality Control

After cleaning our highly experienced quality controllers individually inspect each item and if passed, they are plated with 15* or 25* microns of 99.9% pure silver.

*Dependant upon the level of service selected.


Then back into the factory for what is termed “finishing” where they are gently polished with a super fine “mop” together with red or black rouge to bring out that extra deep lustre.


Packed & Shipped

Finally, they are thoroughly checked again before being carefully packed for return to their delighted owner(s).