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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Can you repair in any state?

Whilst we do offer various “normal repair services” sometimes we receive pieces of cutlery that have for whatever reason become seriously damaged and they require very specialised attention from our intensive care dept. Where this is the case, we will always inform you about the issue(s) and the additional cost before proceeding with the repair.

Do you repair Kitchen/Chef Knives?

Sorry but in general we don’t repair damaged kitchen/chef knives especially riveted handled knives, wooden or vacuum-formed plastic handled knives or one piece welded knives e.g. Global, Kasumi etc. If in doubt, just contact us on 0114 272 1949 or

Do you have a price list?

To download a price list please click here

Orders & Delivery

How do I get my cutlery delivered to you?

Once you have e-mailed us photos of your cutlery and we have given you the initial estimated cost, if you are happy with it, then carefully wrap the items, especially large knives with pointed blades and send your repairs to us via a signed for mail service or via a Courier e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL etc. For better security (a nondescript name doesn’t indicate the contents) please send your parcel to Chimo Holdings (Dept CH) White Rose Works, 137 Carlisle Street, SHEFFIELD, S4 7L J  South Yorks.

Will you tell me they have arrived?

On receipt we will advise you of their safe arrival and once they have been inspected an actual quote for the work involved. You can then tell us to proceed (or alternatively have your cutlery returned unrepaired), and your valued items will go into the factory here in Sheffield to receive some TLC (tender loving care) from our team of highly skilled craftsman & women as explained earlier.

How quick can I get my cutlery back?

PLEASE NOTE – we will make every effort to offer an efficient as possible service, but we feel we must mention that we can only offer this service at economical rates because we have the skilled craftsmen, who can do this work. However, their main jobs are the production of our new products. We, therefore, politely ask for your patience and understanding because without the main production orders this factory would not exist and then neither would Cutlery Hospital. This means that sometimes we cannot respond as quickly as you might like or expect and for this, we apologise in advance, but we will do our very best.

What about payment?

Once your cutlery has passed its final inspection our Accounts Dept will e-mail/send you an invoice for the work completed. On receipt of your payment by Bank transfer or credit card, your fully refurbished items will be very carefully packed and returned by Overnight Courier. You then have the excitement of opening the parcel to see your old/damaged treasured cutlery fully restored and have the pleasure of using it again for many years or even passing it on as a family heirloom.


Are there any potential risks involved in the repair process?

We must politely advise that with repairing old cutlery there is always a slight risk that some unforeseen problem only comes to light when we start the repair/re-plating. These occurrences are fortunately very rare, but it can happen and therefore all work has to be carried out at the owner’s risk, as we cannot replace pieces that can be 100+ years old and/or a pattern that is no longer available.

Will my items be secure?

Our factory is fully alarmed, your goods are insured + all sterling silver items are kept locked overnight in a secure vault.

We’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to being of service at Cutlery Hospital. We’ll give your cutlery some much needed ‘TLC’ and return it to you fully restored, to be enjoyed by generations to come.